Our answers to the frequently asked questions from our volunteers.
We work with our volunteers on all aspects of training, classroom preparation, and ongoing presentation opportunities.
We aim for the process to run smooth and inspire learning.

To do so, we're your resource, and work to field your questions. We've compiled answers to common questions here. Please read through this list to see if your inquiry is addressed.

What is the volunteer time commitment?

Volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation before they can teach one of our classes. Then volunteers choose if/when they sign up to teach each class. We hope, but do not require, that volunteers start by observing a class taught by a veteran presenter. We also hope volunteers are available to present a minimum of five hours per year.

How can I learn more about teaching your programs?

Our volunteer orientation covers all the details about teaching our classes. Upon completion, volunteers can 'shadow' an experienced presenter to observe.
Note that each module typically contains accompanying interactive activities, workbook tasks, and overall learning objectives.

What age group or program do volunteers teach the most?

Our most requested programming is Financial Foundations, which is geared toward middle school and high school learners. Yet currently, our greatest need is for additional volunteers to teach elementary age students.

Are my volunteer hours CRA eligible?

Yes, Financial Beginnings serves all, but proactively prioritizes the low-to-moderate income (LMI) audience. For every volunteer opportunity, we indicate on the posting the percentage of LMI students attending. This fulfills the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements.

If I'm more comfortable relying on a script to teach, is that an option?

Yes, we offer "notes" within the PowerPoint deck you are presenting to help you speak about the key points. This keeps you from reading the text verbatim showing on the slide while continuing to present to a class.

What if I can't sign in on your website portal?

Once you've completed our volunteer orientation, your account has to be set up by our programs team. If a long time passes without you logging in, it may be locked for inactivity. If the latter has occurred, please contact the staff member who originally trained you.

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