Financial Beginnings spans the state--thank you, partners.

School Partners

Financial Beginnings curricula connects with K-12 schools and beyond through relevant and engaging financial lessons. We currently partner with these schools statewide to offer financial education at no cost. All our programs complement school subjects such as economics, math, and social studies. Programs can also be a la carte, with flexibility to fit within a classroom schedule.

We're interested in expanding to more schools. If your school is not yet on this list, and you're interested in a partnership, contact us.

Nonprofit Partners

We partner with fellow nonprofit organizations to provide our programming in the community; share resources; and ensure the efficiency of our outreach to those in need.

Public/Government Agency Partners

Our partnerships in the public sector allow us to reach economically vulnerable youth and young adults, including those in correctional facilities and shelters. We also partner with government organizations such as libraries to reach those in less populous areas.